Welcome to the not-so-far future of 2020. It has been 20 years since the last awakening, as it has always been. God and its underlings are ready, but are you? The awakening grants those with a call towards the god, a demand if you will, special powers. Not anyone can get them, however. Only if your demand seems righteous enough to take on all of heaven, will you be granted such strength. Humans around the globe get together to climb this stairway to heaven, but fret not, there are still ways to participate if you cannot go up. The world always needs weapon-smiths and those with an eye for magic or science. Depending on your power and strength, you could be backed by your country, in other words, this is just like a fancy olympic game. You’ll be given industry grade suits and weapons, while the non-sponsored will have to use whatever they can scavenge.

And now a message from the leading organization in Angel hunting: Balder Industries!

“As you may know, with each Awakening, God and its creations get stronger, as its hope for humanity is fast and fading. It’s up to you important few to fight for the rest of us, to ensure humanity isn’t wiped completely!

There is also another issue, Hunters. The growing witch population means many of them will get in the way and try to make their way up to heaven. A reminder: the witches were once as human as you or I, but because of their desire to go against the betterment of humanity, and abandon their calling, they are abominations against humanity. If you see one, usually branded by a moon on their back, do not hesitate: kill them immediately.

That is all, happy hunting!"

Eyes of the World